Harmonite® Functional Process Aids

The unique combination of particle size, surface characteristics, and composite organic/inorganic matrix make Harmonite® a versatile, multi-functional, operation-friendly base compound or performance additive.

About Recycle Products

Rubber compounds containing Harmonite® have demonstrated better abrasion resistance, and equal or better hardness, tensile, elongation and volume properties after immersion and heat aging tests – all while reducing formulation costs. Harmonite® is compatible with a number of important elastomeric synthetic rubber monomers and block co-polymers.

  • SBS and APP modified bitumen
  • EPDM rubber formulas
  • Nitrile rubber formulas
  • SBR/BR rubber blends

Product Benefits


Improve key formulation characteristics with increased tack, rubber-to-metal adhesion, internal strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, viscosity, hardness, durability, and shortened cure times.


Simultaneously eliminate or reduce the consumption of multiple — and often higher cost — ingredients including Gilsonite®, petroleum pitch, process oils, plasticizers, polymers, and others.


Dramatically reduce mixing time, up to 50% in some cases, with up to 36% lower power consumption during production.

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