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RSS and Alternative Rubber & Plastics reach Harmonite® distribution agreement

By July 14, 2017December 23rd, 2019No Comments

RSS, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dupps Company, is pleased to announce that Alternative Rubber & Plastics will distribute Harmonite® powders. According to Jeff Hendrix, RSS Executive Director, “Alternative Rubber & Plastics is the ideal type of company that we were looking for to distribute Harmonite – a strong company culture with good values, market focused, dedicated to serving their customer base, and bringing new ideas and value to them”. Jerry Fasolino, President of Alternative Rubber & Plastics goes on to add, “We’re very selective regarding the products we supply and the companies we represent. We’re excited to work with RSS and Harmonite, and the prospect of distributing a specialized product that complements our existing portfolio”.

Harmonite® is an engineered material manufactured in a patented, thermal-mechanical process. Harmonite® is a versatile, multi-functional ingredient that can be used as an economical base compound for building new product formulations, or as a specialty performance additive to enhance existing formulations and replace or reduce consumption of more expensive compounds. Harmonite® has been used in various formulations to as a process aid to shorten mix times, lower power consumption, increase product strength, increase viscosity, and increase tack. It is ideally suited for use in a broad array of coatings, adhesives, sealants, and rubber products for industrial applications like roofing membranes, flashing tapes, mastics, rubber mats, hose covers, conveyor covers, and other diverse markets.

RSS is a part of the The Dupps Company, a 4th generation family owned and operated business dedicated to partnering with industries that help renew, recycle and sustain. In addition to RSS, the company designs, builds, markets and services the world’s most comprehensive line of rendering systems and machinery for the protein co-products industry. This includes cookers, dryers, screw presses, size reduction machinery, material handling systems and evaporator systems, as well as complete plant installations. The Dupps Company also serves the pulp and paper, oilseed, fishmeal & other industries with a wide variety of processing systems and equipment. For more information please visit

Alternative Rubber & Plastics has been providing raw materials through world-class suppliers since 1993. AR&P is an ISO 9001 certified distribution company with industry recognized product lines of the finest quality. The company has built its reputation on superior customer service, sales ingenuity, technical support and responsiveness. They build on this foundation daily by staying close to customers and responding to their changing needs. With nine distribution centers across the country the company serves many industries including the Seals/Gaskets, Roofing/Asphalt Adhesives/Coating, Sealants/Tapes, Hose/Belts, and markets. For more information, call 888.611.0220 or visit