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Chemical Foaming Agents (CFA’s)

When compounded into plastic or rubber, UNICELL foaming agents thermally decompose at specific temperatures into nitrogen gas to form fine cellular foam. This foam is structurally lightweight, thermally insulating, soundproof, elastic, and shock-absorbing.

About CFA’s

UNICELL foaming agents reduce the amount of plastic or rubber per unit volume, saving weight and cost. Unicell Microspheres are like tiny balloons which expand to 40 times their original volume.
Unicell foaming catalysts have a wide variety of applications, such as automotive and buildingĀ interiors, shoes, wallpaper, flooring, packaging, and aviation components.
  • Chemical Foaming agents (7 actives, Endothermic, 2 Activators)
  • Physical Foaming agents MS grades (Heat expanded spheres)

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