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Using slab dip materials that perform well in lab testing and in plant trials does not always guarantee top performance in the plant on an on-going basis.


In order to achieve all the benefits and performance that has been formulated into today’s anti-tack materials; the chemistry needs to be matched with a system that delivers the dip in the safest, cleanest, most efficient and controlled manner possible.

For many years, Blachford has produced water based dispersions of stearate based powders for a wide variety of applications. By using that production technology and extensive experience, Blachford has engineered an anti-tack handling, control and delivery system that is second to none. The BATCS-IP handles the powder safely and cleanly so there is no dust or housekeeping issues. The powder is then mixed with a highly effective and efficient mixer to ensure that benefits of the powder are realized at low solids levels and low pickup rates with minimal sedimentation. The entire system is PLC controlled to ensure the required solids level is delivered accurately and repeatedly with minimal operator involvement. Combining Blachford Anti-Tacks with the BATCS-IP will ensure a Premium Performance System.

  • Effectively wets rubber and provides excellent release properties over wide temperature range at low solids levels
  • Low pickup rate (total anti-tack used per quantity of rubber processed)
  • Produces a dull-matte coating with no dusting
  • Easily dispersed using cold water
  • Very low foaming
  • Fast Drying
  • Low sedimentation rate with minimal residue buildup (no fillers)
  • Environmentally friendly; does not contain glycol ethers, alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) surfactants
  • Zinc free, silicone oil free, heavy metal free and HAPS compliant

Equipment Benefits


No dust. Safe and simple. Safely Handle Material.


Rapid complete dispersion. Low Sedimentation. Lower pickup rates.


Fully automated centralized control. Self-correcting. Multiple solids delivery.

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