Phenolic Resin

Phenolic Resin is used as a raw material for CR-based adhesives, high-grade paints, adhesives and metal coating formulations.


Phenolic resin can also be used in the vulcanization of rubber products, and as a curing agent for butyl rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and silicon-butadiene rubber.

Phenolic resin easily penetrates and adheres to many organic/inorganic fillers and reinforcements which is why it is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of uses. The ability of thermoset resin to withstand high temperature under mechanical load with minimal deformation or creep is one of its most important characteristics. It also provides an impervious shield to protect a variety of substrates from the corrosive effects of chemicals. Finally, phenolic resins demonstrate higher char yields than other plastic materials. They produce a low amount of smoke at a low level which is preferred by automotive and mass transit industries.

  • To produce chloroprene rubber adhesive
  • In adhesives for shoes to increase heat-resistance temperature and adhesion
  • To produce enamel for external use
  • Lacquer for flooring
  • As a marine coating
  • Anti-rust paint
  • For water-based printing ink
  • As a material of thin film in anti-rust oil products

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