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Nitrile (NBR)/PVC

NBR/PVC compound is a homogenous blend of PVC with butadiene and acrylonitrile copolymers and stabilized with Ca/Zn.


These blends are recommended for applications which require good ozone, abrasion, and oil resistance.

NBR/PVC (OZO) retains the advantageous characteristics of a nitrile elastomer that has high physical properties and oil/fuel resistance. Moreover, the vinyl reinforcement enables the polymer to successfully withstand wear and weathering, particularly oxygen and ozone attack.

  • Printing roll covers (low hardness)
  • Heat insulating hose
  • Tanks and fittings in air conditioners
  • Heating systems and refrigeration machines
  • Hoses as colored gas tubing, firefighting hose
  • Soles for safety shoes
  • Industrial flooring

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