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TAIC is a lightly yellow liquid or crystalline at normal temperatures. It has a melting point of 17-27℃ and a specific gravity of 1.155.


While soluble in aromatics, ethanol, acetone, and halo-hydrocarbon, TAIC is in-soluble in water. It is a triazine ring multi-functional olefin monomer, which may be subjected to aco-polymerization or be homogenously polymerized or crosslinked with various olefins, during which various characteristic reactions for aliphatic olefins may take place. Under normal temperature, it has stable properties and can be for extended periods.

Under normal temperature, TAC is a lightly yellow to colorless liquid or crystalline, and has a melting point of 25-27℃, density of 1.1133g/mL(30℃), a viscosity of 1.26×10-2 Pa·s (30℃) and refractivity of 1.5049 (25℃). It is insoluble in water, while remaining soluble in ethanol, acetone & heptane, petroleum ether, solvent oil, soybean extracted oil, and halo-hydrocarbon. Under normal temperature, it has stable properties and can be stored for extended periods.

  • TAIC is used as the cocrosslinker for thermoplastics (PE and EVA) and acrylic and styrene type ionic exchange resins.
  • It is used as the auxiliary curing agent for special rubber compounds, such as CM, EPDM, FKM and Q.
  • It is used as the modifier for resins such as acrylate, unsaturated polyester, epoxy and DAP.
  • It may improve the heat and weather resistance, mechanical properties, processing property and resistance to chemical corrosion of these resins. It may be used as the intermediate of the adhesive for polyester fiber/rubber, the photo-curing coating, photoresist and flame retarding agent.
  • SED as the special crosslinking agent for solar cell EVA encapsulating film.
  • Crosslinking agent TAC (triallyl cyanurate) is a crosslinking agent for trifunctional reaction, and it can remarkably improve the strength, rigidity and heat resistance of plastic products and it can allow the products work at 250℃ for long time.
  • It is a novel crosslinking agent for high-performance unsaturated polyester and acrylate series products and is especially for the high-temperature resistant and high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) products.
  • It may be used as the curing accelerator for highly saturated rubber in the rubber and cable industry to improve the curing effect, and used as the photosensitizer for radiation cross-linking of polyolefin to reduce the irradiation.

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