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Bonding, Coating and Releasing Solutions

Chemlok® Rubber-to-Metal Bonding, Cold Bonding, and Adhesive Stripping Solutions (LokRelease 800/810).


When it’s Critical, It’s Chemlok®

For more than 60 years, Chemlok® has demonstrated proven performance in the field, innovating together with clients to meet the demands of increasingly complex systems and standards. Applications serve a host of industries including automotive, rail, civil engineering, mining, oil and gas, and aerospace. Solutions cover rubber-to-metal adhesives and rubber-to-plastic adhesives. Chemlok® adhesives are either solvent-based or water-based, depending on specific use.  Both are equally resilient in harsh environments, extreme temperatures and high pressures across multiple applications.


Find the right product for your applications:

Chemlok® Selector Guide

  • Rubber-to-Metal Bonding
    Parker Lord Corporation offers a wide range of adhesives which have been specifically engineered for many types of substrates and specific environmental conditions and applications.
  • Cold Bonding
    Many existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding pre-vulcanized rubber to metal are two-component adhesives that utilize carcinogenic substances. Parker Lord’s Cold Bond is room temperature bonding designed for easier and much safer bonding than existing alternatives.
  • LokRelease, Adhesive Stripping
    A chemical stripper designed for removal of Chemlok® and other adhesive products from storage vessels, baths, pumps and transfer lines, as well as application fixtures and masks. This stripping solution allows accumulated material to be removed without being dissolved. LokRelease stripping solution is specially formulated to create swell in the dried-on adhesive, causing material to fall off in large chunks which can then be filtered out of the stripping solution.

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