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Established in 1999, Hangzhou Keli Chemical produces many types of chlorinated polyethylene including rubber grades, PVC impact-modified chlorinated polyethylene and special flame- retardant ABS-modified chlorinated polyethylene. Keli also produces specialized additives – triallyl isocyanurate (TAIC) and triallyl cyanurate (TAC). With two manufacturing locations located in industrial zones, annual production is 150,000 tons of chlorinated polyethylene and 3,000 tons of processing aids.  Keli Chemical is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

As our primary supplier of EPDM (copolymers and terpolymers), BR and TPR, Versalis employs over 5,000 people across 12 plants. They produce over 390 products across all product lines and remain in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environmental management), BS OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety management) and UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality management) standards.

For over 45 years, Nitriflex has been producing Nitrile Rubber. Through our partnership with Nitriflex we offer standard, clean, carboxylated and Nitrile/PVC and powder grades.  These products serve the automobile, construction, footwear, food, and textile markets. Nitriflex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

For more than half a century the Parker LORD® corporation has been developing and manufacturing high-performance adhesive products. When you need a rubber-to-substrate adhesive, choose the ultimate in elastomer bonding – Parker LORD Chemlok® Adhesives – technology that has generations of proven performance.

From electricity (hydro, thermal and wind) to oil and gas, Pampa’s downstream products include styrene, SBR and polystyrene. Their SBR plant capacity is at 55,000 MT annually.

As a global solution supplier in additives technology for vinyl and other polymers, Shandong Donglin New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in impact modification and process aid for various applications. Primary products include Acrylic and MBS Impact Modifiers and Process Aids including HMW.

As an ISO and REACH compliant company, Fishfa Rubbers Ltd. is one of the largest players in the depolymer and the Butyl Reclaim Rubber Industry. With more than 45 years of experience, they are approved vendors to the global giants in the tire and rubber industry. Always committed to quality, Fishfa Rubbers exports its products to more than 22 countries throughout the world.

PCBL provides a complete portfolio of products to meet the specific requirements across Rubber, Plastics, Coatings, Inks and other industries globally. Specialty and ATSM Grades available.

Nanjing Union Rubber Chemicals Co. Ltd. (NURCHEM) is the leading supplier of rubber chemicals in China, providing high quality products which set them apart from their competitors.

Leader in both physical and chemical foaming agents, Dongjin manufactures over 80,000 tons per year.  Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Dongjin has been manufacturing foaming agents since 1967 with continuous improvement at the forefront.

Marshall Additive Technologies (MAT), a division of The R.J. Marshall Company, is a premier supplier of highly effective flame retardant and smoke suppressant additives for polymers to meet the most critical of regulatory standards. MAT’s proven, cost effective antimony trioxide and ammonium octamolybdate replacement products are being used around the world.

Delta-Energy is a green chemical company that coverts end-of-life tires into specialty chemicals and recovered carbon black.  An ISO 9001:2015 company, Delta-Energy has developed the patented DEPolymerization process to produce recovered solid, liquid and gas products.

Manufacturer of a custom PVC compounds which serves the paint & coatings, adhesives, plastics, water treatment, food, home cleaning and personal care industries. 

Manufacturer of Anti-Tack Powders & Slurries.

SIBUR ranks sixth in the world in terms of its capacity for producing synthetic rubber including Butyl IIR-1675.  Sibur is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and complies with ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard requirements.

Rowa Inc. produces specialty performance added engineered compounds utilizing Romira’s technology for highly functional performance and weatherable polymers, improving processability and finished product performance. 

As a leading provider of specialty chemicals for 75 years, Valtris supplies heat stabilizers, biocides and non-phthalate plasticizers for ARP Materials.

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