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Sustainable materials recovered from end-of-life tires.
The manufacturing process emits 85% less greenhouse gases than virgin carbon black production


DE-Black (Delta Energy Black) products provide compounders with recovered materials offering comparable performance to the virgin carbon black products they supplement. DE-Black products meet the needs of the two major applications for carbon black – reinforcement in rubber and pigmentation of plastics and coatings. Always consistent in product quality, you can order in either pellet or powder form.

How much DE-black can you use?

Every rubber application is different and we can provide guidance.  DE-Black usage depends on your formula’s performance requirements.

  • DE-Black shows 100% modulus near equivalent to certain virgin grades with improved tensile and elongation
  • DE-Black can also substitute for some virgin grades.
Features of DE-Black Products:
  • Meets demanding performance requirements of the tire, rubber and plastics industries at a price less than virgin carbon black.
  • Retains the original carbon black structure
  • Reinforces rubber in the same way as certain virgin carbon black grades
  • Compares well to medium reinforcing virgin grades
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified company

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