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The ARP Story

ARP Materials has always been a family-run business committed to forging relationships with vendors and customers – to going above and beyond and creating lasting, sustainable solutions.

ARP Materials (formerly Alternative Rubber & Plastics Inc.) was founded in 1993 by Jerry Fasolino Sr. He created a company with unwavering commitment to customer-first values centered around being a trustworthy and reliable partner that works hard to serve its customers. It didn’t take long for ARP Materials to carve out their space in the industry – distributing cost-competitive products that allowed U.S. companies to level the playing field and compete in the global market.

Over the last several years, ARP Materials has continued to grow by keeping their finger on the pulse of the market and by maintaining the same values on which the company was founded. ARP Materials also developed a diverse portfolio of suppliers and products to accommodate the many industries it now serves. In 2017, ARP Materials realized that they needed a company identity that accurately reflected their increases material and service offerings. This is when they officially became ARP Materials.

ARP Materials brings dedication that’s rare in today’s global economy, allowing them to consistently adapt, evolve, and improve the customer experience.

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