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Our Commitment to Providing Innovative and Ground-Breaking Technologies

Breakthrough technologies exist in all industries and markets.  The rubber industry is no different!  As the demand for faster, longer-lasting and sustainable products continue to push the evolution of manufacturing, so does the need for new technologies in chemistry and engineering.  We are inspired by the new technologies that emerge everyday from this heightened demand.  We make it our mission to find and source these products so we can make them available to you.

Breakthrough Technology

We’re proud to offer you these novel and innovative products that aim to help solve common problems in rubber manufacturing.

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Boundary Breaker® by EcoPuro

Fluids flowing through process equipment inherently encounter friction forces caused by the boundary layer drag which forms on all of the mechanical surfaces in which the flowing fluid contacts.

The Boundary Breaker® technology is an engineered structural particle that helps to convert the static friction to kinetic friction thereby reducing energy required for the fluid to flow through the process equipment and increasing productivity.  These specialized patented particles interact directly with the boundary layer to help component dispersion.

Boundary Breaker® acts like millions of rolling and tumbling mixing blades to produce enhanced dispersion of conglomerate additives. This allows for reducing additive loading which helps lower formula cost.

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One-Component Rubber-to-Metal Cold-Bonding Adhesives
Many existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding pre-vulcanized rubber to metal are two-component adhesives that utilize carcinogenic substances. With that in mind, LORD offers room temperature cold-bonding solutions consistent with their values of developing products that are easier and safer to use.
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NOBA3 was created out of the need to find an eco-friendly solution to provide protection against bacteria proliferation in many types of polymers. NOBA3 possesses a bacteriostatic physical property that permanently and naturally reduces bacteria proliferation.

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